“Hey, where’s your catalog?”

keep-calm-and-pop-your-collar-3We’ve had a few people ask where the heck our annual catalog was…Well folks, I’m sorry to say it’s a no go this year :(

I’m a one man show in our marketing department and now that I’ve added prop trialing and stock management to my repertoire (mini collar popping session here) the months crept up on me and the window for our annual catalog came and went. We’re working hard on improving what has been a huge part of our main focus all along – quality and reliability. We’re reorganizing, reevaluating and rejuvenating, and we’re sure that sacrificing the time usually spent on designing our colorful catalog this year will be worth it!

Of course I was a little bummed not to have a new glossy to give away, but I’ll have to see it as the opportunity to be extra prepared for the 2015-2016 season catalog! Glass half full right!?

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We’re Nuts About Special Projects!

Takao Nursery Almonds April 2014

Rows and rows of newly planted almond trees we recently propagated for Harris Farms. That’s a lot of almonds!

We like special projects, contact us to discuss your project needs today!


NorCal Show in San Mateo


takao_norcal2014It’s always great to see our customers at the NorCal Show in San Mateo! And we were super excited to showcase some of next season’s plants, like Lavender allardi ‘Meerlo’, a variegated lavender.


And Lophomyrtus ‘Magic Dragon’!


Stay tuned for more!

It’s Takao Throwback Thursday!

takao_tbt_aaronIt’s Takao Throwback Thursday or should I say #TTBT!

My brother, sister and I go way back with the nursery…way back as in like birth. And although many years have passed and times have changed, it’s always good to remember the past…especially when it looks like this :)

We would love to see your Throwback pics! Share them with us! (…ah, cmon!…)

Extras, Extras, Read All About It!

PrintCheck out our Extra Availability List updated weekly for items ready for quick shipment! If you’re not on our Availability email list then you’re not in the know! Contact us to be added…don’t wait, do it right now!

A New Year, a new us!…sort of


It’s been awhile since I’ve been active on our blog and as I look back through my handful of posts I can’t help but notice how much things have changed! I have to admit I feel a bit silly, because 3 years and another kiddo later and I hardly have the energy to apply make up in the morning let alone take on the world as my previous posts seem to imply! Shoot, I’d be ecstatic about getting a good night’s sleep!

Now my ambitions are much less about over achieving and more about finding balance…finding the place where family, work and of course sleep can coexist. :)

And I think with that change of heart, and with the beginnings of a change of hands (I must emphasize beginnings; don’t worry my dad continues to be overly obsessed with the business), I think it is appropriate to have a change of look. We’re in the works of developing a new logo, one that perhaps better represents the next generation of Takaos, while still giving a nod to the previous generations that have built the company into what it is today.

I look forward to sharing our journey in creating our new look and in traveling down the path towards the future together! Here’s to the New Year!

When in Drought, Think Waterwise!

We are getting some very mild “SoCal weather” here in Fresno this winter and I must admit I’m loving it!!! I can’t even remember the last time I’ve worn socks! Unfortunately these warm sunny days are not helping the fact that the state is a drought emergency.

With the continuing dryness in California, we are seeing more and more of a trend towards drought tolerant and native plants. Here are a few we love and we think you’ll like too!

Russelia_equis_Takao_NurseryRusselia equisetiformis

Thin needle-like green foliage with red tubular flowers that appear from spring until fall. Its thin stems cascade out 3-4′ x 2-3′. Great for containers or hanging baskets. Full sun to part shade. Zones 9-12. Lead time 14 weeks.

Rosemary_Mozart_Takao_NurseryRosemary ‘Mozart’

With a compact habit and semi-upright nature, this variety is perfect for small gardens and also for culinary use! Blooms in spring and winter with blue flowers. Grows up to 36″ tall. Full sun. Zones 7-10. Lead time 20 weeks.

salvia_apiana_takao_nurserySalvia apiana

Highly aromatic, waxy silver foliage make this drought tolerant plant stand out in the garden. Tiny insignificant white flowers that are dotted with lavender, appear on the tall flowers spikes in late spring to early summer. Grows 3-4′ in height with flower spalks that can add another 2-5′, spread of 5-8′. Full sun. Zones 7-11.  Lead time 14 weeks.

polygala_petite_butterfly_takao_nurseryPolygala ‘Petite Butterfly’

A great compact, rounded habit with a long bloom season! Gray-green foliage is accented by interesting bright purple blooms year round and particularly from spring throughout summer. Grows 36″ x 36″. Full to partial sun. Zones 9-10. Lead time 16 weeks.

verbena_delamina_takao_nurseryVerbena ‘De la Mina’

An evergreen, drought tolerant perennial with fragrant clusters of purple star-shaped flowers that bloom most of the year, peaking in spring and summer. Mounding habit, 36″ x 36″. Full to part sun. Zones 7-10. Lead time 12 weeks.

Where has the year gone!?!


…There goes Halloween and before you know it, it will be Christmas!

Takao Catalog 2013-2014

Takao Nursery Catalog 2013-2014

The catalog is out! Click on the catalog to view a digital version or contact us to request a copy today!


Kids Equals Play

On the occasional instance when my daugthers Gwen and Emma come to work with me, nothing seems to get done around here!

Grandpa Danny and Grandmama (this is the name Gwen has come up with for my mom) and Baby Emma (also Gwen’s nicknaming talent at work)


A special lot of plants were going out to Fresno State for their plant sale and Gwen insisted she needed her own “stickers” to put on her plants – good thing we have extras!


…trying to work and send emails…


…ya, I don’t think that’s going to happen!…



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