This is The Cultivate Project.

The purpose behind it is to stir up a stagnant way of thinking in the horticulture industry in the hopes of cultivating new ideas and bonds between its members in an effort to benefit us all…

Recently, I was asked to speak to about marketing and it’s really forced me to sit down and organize my thoughts – which are usually all over the place – bouncing around in my mind and scattered throughout numerous notebooks and random sheets of scrap paper.

This will be my place where I can compile my thoughts and voice my opinions about how we can help this industry to evolve and I encourage you to do the same and leave your comments behind. Change is good and if enough of us get on board it can happen.

Brush aside your fears…of looking bad…of being wrong…of the unknown…and get on board with change.

Now for a little something I found that seems to summarize it up so nicely:

Remember that even if you’re thinking big, it’s the small things you do every day that make a difference.

…It’s the small things that create the possibility for huge change…it’s not just having your eyes on the future…Because it’s right here, right now. That change is possible. It’s this moment that we must live in.

That’s where transformation culminates.

It’s in this moment that the revolution takes place.


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