Have you heard about Pinterest yet? Nooo!?!

Well, you should definitely check it out! It’s catching on super fast and it’s the next hot thing in social media.

Pinterest is like a virtual pinboard. You can create different boards for anything you want and “pin” items off of the web and onto the boards you’ve created. Say you want to gather ideas for a kitchen remodel – you can create a board and title it My Kitchen – and then “pin” any inspirational images or helpful information from the internet to your board for future reference.

You can see what others are “pinning”, and if you like what you see you can “repin” it to your board or you can click to follow them so that you can stay updated on their future pins! You can like pins and comment on them too.

I have all sorts of boards right now – Food, Home Stylin, Fashion, DIY, Parties!, Tutorials, Gifts…my favorite is my Inspiration board. When you’re feeling pangs of self-doubt it’s nice to bombard yourself with an overflow of motivational sayings and what-not to kick your booty back into gear!

It’s sooo convenient and a great way to organize ideas, inspiration, your Christmas list…whatever the heck you want to create a board for! It’s also visually appealing and very clean so it makes it even more addicting to use! I can literally waste hours on this thing – yes hours! – during work hours I refer to it as conducting research 😉

Think outside of the box and consider how it can do more for you than just organizing the pretty little nothings you want to collect. Perhaps you could create a board about garden ideas, or various color combinations, or create different categories to organize plants –  by water requirements, or by style. You can list your pinterest button on your website – just like you do with facebook – and people can follow you and subscribe to any of your boards on pinterest! It’s like sharing your ideas and inspiration directly with your customers and colleagues!

What are you waiting for?! Go over to Pinterest and check it out!

Did I also tell you, that you can download it for your Iphone and Ipad too – and you can connect it to your Facebook account as well…


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