Got Plants?

Greenhouse Grower is taking a poll right now on whether or not you would contribute towards funding a national campaign like the ‘Got Milk’ ads – but for our industry (and no it’s not going to be ‘Got Plants’ – we can do better than that!).

Here and there people have been talking about it for years now. Individuals have brought it up, it’s been discussed amongst groups, brought up at meetings – yet we’re no where closer to enacting anything than we were then.

Currently the poll shows people being almost equally divided into Yes, Not Sure, and No – with the No’s at a slightly higher percentage. And although I feel ‘Yes’ should be the overwhelming majority, those numbers seem to reflect the general consensus out there.

I can understand having doubts as to how this will be executed and how your two cents will be used, but I can’t understand why the majority are not for implementing some sort of effort to change consumer’s perceived value of our products. If we can change their perception then everyone up and down the supply chain will benefit.

This poll is taking the teeny-tiniest, most miniscule step towards trying to change the way the consumer thinks of plants – and the majority are against it. Geez, we’re basically shutting it down at just the very thought of such an idea.

If we change nothing, then nothing will change – with the current state of things, is that what we all really want?



  1. I like your last line, Lisa – “If we change nothing, then nothing will change.” Hey, if the industry is split, then those who want a promotion order of some form should just go ahead and do it anyway – forget the naysayers. Make it work without them. Prove them wrong. You’ll never get 100% buy-in on anything anyway. Just do it and leave the pessimists in the dust.

    • True Chris – we’ll never be able to get everyone on board. We’ll have to see where this all leads, but at least the ball is rolling now! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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