The Cheapo’s Guide to Marketing: Facebook, Part Two

Okay, so now you have your basic Facebook fan page set up and filled in with all the fluffy stuff about your company – now let’s take personalizing your page to the next level! If you haven’t done so yet check my previous tutorial.

  • Let’s start with a basic welcome page that visitors can land on when they go to your fan page. Here you can simply greet them or you can also provide your viewer with an incentive to interact with your page and step up from being a mere visitor to a fan.
  • First, you’ll need to install an app to your page. It’s very easy, just click here to go to to the Static HTML iFrame Tabs page and click on the button ‘Add Static HTML to a Page’. It will take you to another page where you’ll want to select ‘Allow’. 

  • Now let’s think about what message/image you want on your landing page. Do you just want to say ‘Hello, thanks for stopping by’ or ask them to ‘Like’ your page to gain access to a fans only deal or coupon…put whatever you want your fans to first see here. Your width must be 520 pixels wide, but you can vary the height if you want to, 520×500 is a good general size. You also have the option to create another message that will greet your existing fans as well (or you can just have the one message for all fans). I just created two different images with different messages – nothing fancy, just a little greeting (I used Adobe Illustrator to design it and then exported it from there as an image).
  • Next, you’ll want to insert that image into the landing page itself. On your fan page scroll down and find the ‘Welcome’ link on the bottom left hand corner of your page, below your profile image.

  • Click on the ‘Welcome’ link and it will bring up your landing page settings so that you can edit its appearance.
  • In the top box you’ll enter in your code that will greet your visitors and potential fans when they stumble across your page (big arrow). In the box below that (small arrow) you can enter in the code that you would like exisitng fans to see or if you’d like both fans and non-fans alike to see the same image, just leave that box blank.

  • Not familiar with coding? Don’t worry you don’t have to be. Here is some basic code to insert into your top box. This will pop-up a new window. Highlight all the text. Right click and select copy or just hit Control and C on your keyboard to copy the selected code.

  • Then, go back to your landing page settings and click inside the top box. Right click and select paste or just hit Control and V on your keyboard to paste the code inside the box.
  • Now, you’ll need to edit that code to apply to the image you’ve created for your landing page.
  • You can adjust the height here (see small arrow) to match your image size (leave the width alone).
  • Enter your image URL here (see big arrow).

  •  And if you want to enter in the code for that second box that will greet existing fans click here and follow the same process as above, but enter in the corresponding URL address.
  • Click on ‘Save’ in the upper right hand corner above the top box and you’re all set!

*If you aren’t used to uploading images for things like your website, you can also always use something like Dropbox (which is free!) to store the image files and then copy the URL from the Public folder in your account.

Since this tutorial turned out to be a bit longer than I expected, I’ll have to break down the FB apps further…we’ll go over adding other applications (connecting your mailing list, blog…) to your Facebook page in separate tutorials to follow!

Next up – since I barely touched upon it here – will be adding discount offers to your fan page that are limited to fans only. This will help to encourage viewers to ‘Like’ your page. Although some argue that these are fake likes and this doesn’t provide you with a real indication of your following – it’s more about cheapos trying to get a discount. On the other hand it also is a way to get existing and new viewers excited about your company and get them to check in on what you’re doing. You can decide for yourself what you want to do, I’ll just show you how!


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