Growing Happiness


So I was on Pinterest the other night and I came across an image of a lovely garden scene pinned by someone I follow (actually a babysitter we had previously hired for Gwen). The picture was nice, but nothing amazingly wonderful that I had to write about – but what I did notice was the title she had named her board – ‘Growing Happiness’. Doesn’t that just sum it all up?!

Maybe that’s the sort of message we should promote – ‘Growing Happiness’! That way it applies to everyone. No arguing over why indoor plants aren’t represented or why landscape shrubs aren’t being shown. It’s basically what we’re trying to say anyways right? Aren’t we trying to show consumers why they should want and need plants in their lives? – happiness and well being seems to summarize the long list of psychological benefits of plants. 

Or maybe our marketing could somehow indirectly imply that plants are necessary to complete your lifestyle, your home, your office…a room just isn’t complete without a little (green) life in it. Just like how young women homeowners like myself automatically feel like a dining room just isn’t complete without a chandelier in the center of it as a focal point. Perhaps one day it will be that a dining room just isn’t complete without a living centerpiece at the center of the table…you get the idea!

I just hope that whatever we do, it doesn’t end up looking like the the same old, same old that we’ve been putting out for years. Some of it is nice (others not so much), but all of it is nothing exciting or anything that would grab your attention – especially if our goal is to reach the main stream consumer.

I’m just throwing out my thoughts…



  1. Thanks for throwing out your thoughts. My question concerning any marketing campaign is, who are we marketing to, and what is the message? If we are just going to put the message out to the masses it will be drowned out in a world already over inundated with “marketing messages”. Rather I would like to focus on our “fans”. It’s through the fans of gardening , and gardening businesses that the message will spread. Let’s enlist the help of people who already appreciate what we do. There are garden bloggers galore that would love to help the local garden business. One example is Pam Penick, a blogger from Austin, TX. She writes a blog titled “Digging” , and has recently started a “support your local garden center movement” in Austin. I wrote about it out here. Now imagine this effort a thousand times over. People like Pam are what we call, “enthusiastic fans”. They want to spread the word and we should give them the tools necessary to do that. Now we have harnessed the power of local, enthusiastic fans to spread our message. Like you, I am just throwing out thoughts.

    • I appreciate your comments Trey! It’s great to see things from a variety of viewpoints. I agree we’re not necessarily trying to capture everyone in the whole wide world and dilute our message, but in my own opinion I think we need to appeal both to our existing fans and to other targeted groups (who these people are I haven’t quite narrowed down – but vaguely the next generation of home owners, that sort of thing). I think we need to reach out to consumers who are currently not our fans, but who we can hopefully make into converts in order to increase our audience and also to remain relevant in the future.

      I also agree that we should definitely help to enable and motivate our enthusiastic fans to spread the word! I see this all the time in other industries such as fashion and interior design – companies send bloggers new products and the next thing you know word about it has spread virally all over the blog world! I have to admit I’ve made purchases this way – from seeing someone wearing the latest piece of jewelry on a blog and then I had to have it too! Part of Target’s Missoni campaign was also spread this way – by sending bloggers images of the new limited edition items to come – Target’s site crashed within hours of the launch of their Missoni line due to the unexpected high traffic. Wouldn’t that kind of excitement about plants be great! 🙂

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