Lisa’s Christmas Gift Guide

I’m in the holiday mood with my iPhone busting out my Christmas playlist and I thought I’d put together a little gift guide for you all:

  1. Dremel Tool – I know this seems totally random, but seriously, you can use a Dremel tool for soooo many things and this one is cordless, even better! I’ve used ours to help me in turning some jars into lamps, creating a shadow box for my mom’s trinkets, cutting out a sign…if you’re the crafty sort it’s a handy tool!
  2. Swiss Army USB Flash Drive – I don’t know how many times I’ve lost our dang USB only to go out and buy another one to replace it and then lose that one too. I could attach this to my keys and I’d be all set!
  3. the Mug Boss – This is so my dad! He likes to use coffee mugs to hold his pens and whatnot.
  4. Small Measuring Tape – Okay, maybe I’m strange but I have like 3 small measuring tapes and one full sized version. I always like to have one nearby because it always seems like I need to measure something – room dimensions, promotional print sizes, furniture, tradeshow booth layouts…although I don’t have a rhinestone one yet…
  5. Brewzkey Bottle Opener – It seems like such a good idea to always have a bottle opener on hand, because how many times have you heard “Does anyone have a bottle opener?” – at a BBQ or get together or picnic or party. And then someone will show you how to use some random object to open it, only it takes about 5 minutes to finally get the dang thing open.
  6. the One Trip Grocery Bag Holder – Are you one of those people that absolutely insists on carrying everything from your car to the house in one trip – no matter how many bags there may be…6,8,10? Well, I am one of those people too! I don’t know why, but it always just seems to make more sense that I max my arm muscles out to the brink of exhaustion and almost lose a finger tip or two from blood loss than make two trips.
  7. Aircurve speakers for iPhone – Now, these aren’t any old speakers…these speakers require no electricity, batteries or cables, and at under $20 they’re a great gift to give to anyone with an iPhone! I need one to amp up my Christmas playlist right now!
  8. Pens from Iomoi – Everyone uses pens. You use them, you lose them, you hand them out, let people borrow them. You can never have enough pens. And with all the action that they see, why not make it pretty to look at too! You’re desk will look so fancy 🙂

Check out my pinterest board for more neato gift ideas 🙂


*A little update! I received gifts 2, 4 and 7 for Christmas hahaha – you can imagine the hilariousness that ensued Christmas morning! Next year I’m listing that luscious Coach purse I’ve been eyeing on here!


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