Mrs. Lilien Does it Right!

Just thought I’d share a great little blog post from Mrs. Lilien with y’all! I love how it showcases plants in a simple, but visually appealing way! The layout is different, the plants stand out, there’s a dash of humor sprinkled in, and I’m intrigued enough to want to read on…

“Recently, I’ve been filling my house with plants! It’s beginning to look like a jungle sans the monster ants! I’m loving all the life a little green can bring – why, a potted plant can really make a room sing! I’m particularly fascinated with flamboyant varieties – some of these species are known to increase oxygen and reduce anxieties!! I’ve highlighted a few of my faves – these particula indoor + outdoor plants are known to behave. I hope you look into adding some green – thus turning your casa into a living dream!”

Mrs. Lilien completes the lovely imagery with a catchy short summary and soon the reader is turned into a plant fan too!

It’s a great example of how to showcase plants in a different yet interesting way! Kudos to the Mrs! 🙂



  1. Her arrows and “sidenotes” are what really make it sing. Nice find, Lisa; thanks for sharing!

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