Hey You Guuuuys!

I just wanted to shout out and say “Hello!” and let you all know that I’m back! …Back and with a new baby at home 🙂

Let me catch you up a little…

Baby Emma came into the world on October 9th! Here’s Grandma Takao welcoming our little Miss. I actually had the easiest labor ever, no pain…I didn’t believe such a thing even existed…Easy labor? Yes Virginia it does exist.


Gwen surprisingly adapted well to life with a new baby sister, which was really nice.


…But then there was a lot waking up every hour to two hours for days and days and days…oh and a lot of this:


Throw into the mix my birthday…which was 3 days after I gave birth…which means my birthday wish was to not have to do anything for my birthday.

Then Gwen’s 3rd birthday party – a reptile party! Which she had fun at, but probably not as much fun as all the dads!


Followed by my brother’s birthday. Is my mom the crochet queen or what!?!


Then life became even more of a blur with all the holidays! Halloween, Thanksgiving…

and Merry Christmas! (Christmases actually…Takao Christmas, McCall Christmas and extended family McCall Christmas! Christmas is officially the longest holiday.)


And now Emma is sleeping through the night for the most part (oh thank GOD!), and I’m back at work!

Oh and “Go Niners!” 🙂
number 1


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