When in Drought, Think Waterwise!

We are getting some very mild “SoCal weather” here in Fresno this winter and I must admit I’m loving it!!! I can’t even remember the last time I’ve worn socks! Unfortunately these warm sunny days are not helping the fact that the state is a drought emergency.

With the continuing dryness in California, we are seeing more and more of a trend towards drought tolerant and native plants. Here are a few we love and we think you’ll like too!

Russelia_equis_Takao_NurseryRusselia equisetiformis

Thin needle-like green foliage with red tubular flowers that appear from spring until fall. Its thin stems cascade out 3-4′ x 2-3′. Great for containers or hanging baskets. Full sun to part shade. Zones 9-12. Lead time 14 weeks.

Rosemary_Mozart_Takao_NurseryRosemary ‘Mozart’

With a compact habit and semi-upright nature, this variety is perfect for small gardens and also for culinary use! Blooms in spring and winter with blue flowers. Grows up to 36″ tall. Full sun. Zones 7-10. Lead time 20 weeks.

salvia_apiana_takao_nurserySalvia apiana

Highly aromatic, waxy silver foliage make this drought tolerant plant stand out in the garden. Tiny insignificant white flowers that are dotted with lavender, appear on the tall flowers spikes in late spring to early summer. Grows 3-4′ in height with flower spalks that can add another 2-5′, spread of 5-8′. Full sun. Zones 7-11.  Lead time 14 weeks.

polygala_petite_butterfly_takao_nurseryPolygala ‘Petite Butterfly’

A great compact, rounded habit with a long bloom season! Gray-green foliage is accented by interesting bright purple blooms year round and particularly from spring throughout summer. Grows 36″ x 36″. Full to partial sun. Zones 9-10. Lead time 16 weeks.

verbena_delamina_takao_nurseryVerbena ‘De la Mina’

An evergreen, drought tolerant perennial with fragrant clusters of purple star-shaped flowers that bloom most of the year, peaking in spring and summer. Mounding habit, 36″ x 36″. Full to part sun. Zones 7-10. Lead time 12 weeks.


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